Divisions of Diversity Amongst Us
July 15th - July 30th

The exhibition explores divisions of diversity within our daily lives exploring cultural, racial, social, political, economic and gender boundaries and beyond.

Kenny Malone 
Olympia Altimir Gálvez 
Jesus Hernandez Cabello 
Safi Kolozsvari 
Anette Paredes 
Raul DMauries 
Mario Navasero
Chaves Smith 
Francine Hsu Davis 
Pearl Sanlab 
Melanin Buford
Doug Rhodes
Leon Loucheur 
Monty Guy 


Future Conscious
April 29th -May 9th


Regular Line 2017 Topolcany - SF
Opening Reception: May 12th @ 6-9PM
Exhibition May 13-30th

Exhibiting artists:
Michaela Bednarova 
Maria Corejova
Svetlana Fialova
Ondrej Ondatra Jób 
Andrej Kolencik

This will be an International collaborative program presented by The Laundry SF and curated by Zuzana Godálová from Platform 1-12, Topoľčany. Five Slovak selected artists and designers will spend few weeks in USA and the result of their artwork is presented at the exhibition. All works are site specific reacting to new environment and experiences from narrative drawings, films, animation, contemporary design and font design.

Beautiful Chaos - Closing Show
Coffee and Art Show presented by 3-19 Coffee
March 31st

Opening Night: March 17

Bernadette Bohan 
Jan 7 - Mar 4

World Within a World featuring: 

Eugene Reshetov -
Alex Regenstreich -  TED Talk video of Alex discussing his photography

The Art of Dying: Presented by DREAM LOGIC - October 28-31st, 2016

DREAM LOGIC's The Art of Dying from Kelly Vicars on Vimeo.

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